Our Services


Holistic Nutrition

As a holistic nutritionist, I first evaluate your health baseline and then develop a plan suited to the individual. My plans are individual, therefore, plans vary in duration and pricing. After the assessment, we create a suitable plan together.

Hourly consultations are also available.

$85/hr for one-on-one consultations

$450/month for individualized meal plans and a nutrition consultation

$150/ nutrition consultation and diet recommendations


Grocery Store Tours

I take you on a tour of your favourite local grocery store and how best to shop for efficiency, price and health. We will also discuss nutrition labels, how to choose the best options for your budget and what to avoid in each department.

$175 for 2 hours

This can also be done as a corporate class at your workplace.

Starts at $175 + 15 per additional person

Kitchen Re-organisation

Many people get frustrated and overwhelmed with health because of the state of their kitchen pantry. Understanding your own space is important and the options in it. We take a look through your cupboards, fridge, freezer and any other hiding places for food. We then also take a look at the organization of how your kitchen “works” for you and create efficiency.

$250 for 3 hours

Cooking Classes

Personal – 3 hours in the kitchen learning how to make simple, delicious and nutritious recipes, plus I supply the food for 1-2 people.

$350 for 3 hours, plus a meal

Group Cooking Class for 3-10 people based on your space – You pick a health topic and I supply the learning and food. Great for corporate lunch & learns

$150 per person, min. 3 people

Holistic Healing & Guided Meditation

There are many times in our life where we can feel overwhelmed and disconnected. As a healer, I help you find your inner peace again. First we assess where issues are coming up. Then I walk you through a meditation for balance. Through intuitive healing and Reiki (Japanese for “universal life force energy”) you can experience an increase of energy, clarity, stress reduction, or even more specific healing in the body.


Fitness Competition Nutrition

If you are considering doing a fitness related competition, we can help with your nutritional needs. This includes body builders, cross-fitters, dancers, and endurance athletes (marathons, triathalons, etc).

Please note we do not specialize in coaching your workouts

$450/month of meal plans

Meal Prep

Whether you are looking to get healthier but find yourself too busy or are dealing with a health issue and don't know where to start to jump start your health, we prep meals. From busy moms that need their kids to have great food to single guys and gals who just don't have time to cook, we work with a wide range of individuals suiting your meals to your tastes. 

Our plans are 100% individual so we need to chat to come up with pricing. Do you want 1 meal per day, 2 or 3 plus snacks? Are you an carnivore, a vegan or something in between? Basically, expect to pay between $10 - $17 per meal.

Please contact us with your needs

Katered Healthy Gourmet

Catering by Kate - we can accommodate groups of up to 30 people for breakfast, lunch, snacks, cocktail parties or dinner. We also do retreats and corporate events.

We can plan your event from start to finish and help with the details like ordering rentals and flowers. We can also just make and deliver deliciously healthy food to your venue. 

Our specialty is in gluten free cooking that doesn't taste "gluten-free" and healthier versions of your favourite gourmet foods. We can accommodate dairy free and vegan needs as well.

Please contact us for pricing

I’ve only been on your plan for 2 weeks and I already feel so much better. My stomach pains have gone, my digestion is back on track and my skin is near flawless!
— Christine K.